Hi beauty lovers!

So I am back again with Part II of the What’s in my lipstick bag. This post is dedicated to the lipstick and lip glosses that I carry in my bag everyday. This is an upclose view colors so you can see how they wear on the lips form the tube. I also will be showing you the lip conditioners and scrubs that I use at home to keep my lips smooth 🙂

So first up is the MAC Lipstick swatches:

(LtoR): Lady Danger, Vivi Glam Nicki, Quick Sizzle

MAC Lip pencil- Entertain Me

MAC- Lady Danger (Matte)

MAC Lipglass- Knockout

MAC Lipliner- Entertain Me, MAC Lipstick- Lady Danger, MAC Lipglass-Knockout

Now without the Lipglass:

Entertain Me & Lady Danger

MAC Lipstick- Viva Glam Nicki (Satin):

MAC Lipliner: Embrace Me, MAC lipstick- Viva Glam Nicki

Note: I had to add liner because for me this lipstick bleeds since it is a satin finish but it only to the outer line of my lips. I did not fill them in with the pencil, so that is the true color.

MAC Lipstick- Quick Sizzle (Matte):

MAC lipstick- Quick Sizzle (Matte)

MAC Lipliner: Embrace Me, MAC Lipglass: Styled Packed:

MAC Lipliner: Embrace Me, MAC lipglass: Styled Packed

Next up: Rimmel Kate Moss collection Lipstick swatches:

Rimmel- Kate Moss collection (LtoR): No.8 and No. 12

Rimmel No. 8:

Rimmel- Kate Moss collection No. 8

Rimmel- Kate Moss Collection No. 12:

Rimmel Kate Moss Collection- No. 12

*Sorry this one is so small.. lost the original picture and add to take another one.

Next Up: Lipgloss!

NYX- LG 129 Beige

NYX- Beige

MAC Lipglass: Viva Glam VI

MAC Lipglass- Viva Glam VI

Now for the products that I use to keep my lips from chapping:

(LtoR): EOS balm, MAC-Viva Glam Ricki Martin Lip Conditioner, Sara Happ Lip Scrub & Lip Slip

EOS lip balm

EOS Lip Balm

MAC Lip Conditioner

Sara Happ- Lip Scrub (Brown Sugar) & Lip Slip

Sara Happ Lip Scrub- Brown Sugar

Sara Happ Lip Slip- One Luxe Balm

I have to say that the best products that I have ever found to keep my lip moisturized and smooth has to be Sara Happ lip scrub and lip balm. Not only does it smell and tast amazing it is the perfect scrub that takes off all the dead skin cells. I highly recommend going and purchasing this product. It is not sold in Sephora and I’m not sure it is sold at Ulta. I ordered mine from They retail for $24 each product.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I will be wearing this spring and into summer. Let me know which products you try out or what is your favorite lipsticks and lip glosses for this coming spring and summer.