Hi loves!

So I want to share what I currently have in my lipgloss pouch that I carry everyday in my purse. I carry a separate make-up bag just for my lipsticks to make it easier for me to locate them in my purse. Now for most this might be a lot to carry everyday but I tend to change my lip color through out the day so I like to have options 🙂

So first I will show an overview of what is in my purse then I will post the lip swatches of the lipsticks and lip glosses that I carry in my next blog post.

Clinique small make-up bagI

I carry this small clinique make-up bag that I got with a free gift with purchase months ago, just for my lip products in my purse. It is nice and roomy and actually holds a lot of stuff which you will see in a moment 🙂

This is all the lipstick, lip gloss and lip pencils that I carry with daily


I know for some that this may seem like a lot but for this is really small compared to my collection of lip products. I do switch things up every couple of weeks to keep the rotation fresh and so that i can use up a lot of the products, but lately I’ve been loving this collection for upcoming spring and really don’t see myself switching it all that much.

Lip pencils- all are by MAC


So I carry five lip pencils with me and as you can see there is a variation of color. Starting from the left-MAC: Entertain Me, Magenta, Redd, Embrace Me, and Stripdown. I can’t recall which collection each pencil belongs too but I know Stripdown and Magenta are permanent and I believe Redd is as well. I like to carry different lip pencils because they can really work as an lipstick so they afford me more color range. Also it is nice to mix with the lipsticks and lip glosses that I carry to make different lip colors.

On too the lipsticks:


(LtoR): Lady Danger, Viva Glam Nicki, Quick Sizzle


I carry three MAC lipsticks with me. They are Lady Danger, Viva Glam Nicki and Quick Sizzle. Lady Danger and Quick Sizzle are a Matte finish while Viva Glam Nicki is a Satin finish. I am still thinking about doing a review on her lipstick but i will be posting pictures of them in my next post. As you can see I have a red/orange lipstick, baby neon pink and a hot pink. So depending on my mood I can be as bold as I want. My favorite of the three is Quick Sizzle, which came out with the MAC spring collection: Shop. Not sure if it is still available and really wish that I bought a second one because I love it so much!

Rimmel- Kate Moss collection (LtoR): No.8 and No. 12

I also carry two drugstore lipsticks currently and they both happen to be by Rimmel London. They are from the Kate Moss collection that I randomly found at a nearby Walgreens. I wish her collection gave them names instead of numbers but I love the formula of these lipsticks and as you can tell i wear the nude one a lot (No. 8). No. 12 I don’t wear as much but I’m sure as the weather changes that I will be reaching for it more. It is a lovely tangerine color.

Next up Lip gloss:

Lip gloss 🙂

So of course it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t carry an equal amount of lip gloss to go with the lipsticks that I carry. So I carry five lip glosses which are from left to right- MAC Style Packed, MAC Knockout, MAC Viva Glam VI, NYX-Beige, and Urban Decay- Naked (which is a sample that came with my Naked 2 palette).

So as you can see, my lip gloss varies just like my lipstick and so that it compliment whichever lipstick that I am wearing or lip pencil. My everyday would have to be MAC Viva Glam VI, it is the perfect mix of nude rose and sparkle.

Lip conditioners:

Lip conditioners

Now my lipstick purse wouldn’t be complete without a fair amount of lip conditioners to keep my lips from chapping through out the day. My current favorites are- Carmex (cherry flavor), Maybelline Baby lips -Pink Punch and MAC tendertone- Purring. Now the tendertone just came out with a collection from MAC so it just so happens to be in my purse right now. The other two are staples that I like to keep my lips hydrated.

Lip Tools:

MAC lip brush #316


MAC # 316


Lastly, I carry a lip brush with me for when I want more control when applying my lipstick, especially for the finishes that are more creamy and can be a bit hard to work with. I love my MAC 316 not only because it has a sleek look but it really is a great brush.

Now that is everything that I carry with on a daily basis. Again, I know this may seem like a lot for most but for me it is pretty normal and really is only a small sample of my lip collection. I love lipstick and lip glosses and color and since I can pull off a really bold lip I like to use that to my advantage.

My next post will show swatches of all the lipstick and lip glosses on my lips and what lip conditioners such as balms and scrubs that I use at home to keep my lips smooth and lovely. So please check back for that and until next time beauty lovers 🙂




Hi beauties!

So I am back with another edition of nails of the week! I really feel like what color you choose to put on your nails defines your mood for the week. So this week, even though it is cold and rainy here in L.A. I am in a bright tangy orange color ready for spring and summer mood! So I went for something not too loud but it definitely puts me in a good mood since this weather is just terrible!

I actually didn’t have this color before yesterday. I went to Target and decided to go by the beauty aisle because I can’t pass it up lol. So while I was browsing I looked at the L’Oreal Color Riche nail polish that has just come out and it caught my eye immediately! I swear I will probably end up buying all of them because I am just so in love with this collection. I also like the price range that L’Oreal has for their polish. It was $4.99 at Target and I’ve seen that price at CVS and Rite Aid so it is nice that there is no huge variations between store and the price.

What I am wearing:

– L’Oreal Color Riche nail polish in 400 Tangerine Crush

– Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

– Orly Nail Defense as the base coat


Tangerine Crush


Tangerine Crush


Is that not just the most beautiful orangey/peach you have seen! It is coming off more red than it is in the pictures but trust me it is so pretty. This is two coats and one coat of top coat. Well I hope this has brighten up everyone’s week and hope you guys stay warm!

See you next week for the next nails of the week 🙂


P.S. I thought I would just show this gorgeous lime green purse that I also found at Target! I don’t usually post on here the fashion items that I purchase, but if you want to see more of them let me know!


Mondani ($24.99) at Target


I can’t wait to wear it for spring and summer!


Xo, Tavi


Hi beauties!

So I’ve finally decided to give my thoughts on the very much talked about Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr cream gel eyeshadows. I have been using them for about 2 months now and I thought was a good time to really test them out and tell you what I think. I haven’t worn every color that I own because my profession doesn’t allow too bright of looks but I have tested them out on arm for almost a good 24hrs.

So what are the Maybelline color tattoos is something that your probably asking. They are cream gel eyeshadows that do remind me of MAC paint pots but the colors are very bright. They are a cream gel eyeshadow but when they dry depending on the finish it looks like regular eyeshadow. They are supposed to last 24hrs which I will tell you my opinion on that claim in a bit. I didn’t get all 10 shades but I do have 6 of them which is a good amount. These are the colors that I knew I would wear more and some that I want to wear more and be more bold with my eye looks.

So the colors that I own are Promegrante Punk, Edgy Emerald, Painted Purple, Audacious Asphalt, Fierce & Tangy and Bad to the Bronze. I missing Too Cool (white), Tough as Taupe (matte brown), Tenacious Teal (blue) and Bold Gold (bronzy gold). I will probably go looking for Tough as Taupe and Bold Gold.

I am in love with the colors, they are bright and vivid and apply great. My favorite of the group is Bad to the Bronze, I wear it everyday. It is simple and gets me out the door. I wear it alone and apply a eyeshadow to my crease from one of my Urban Decay Naked palettes. It seriously is the best color. It has a frost/shimmer to it so if you’re not a fan of frosty or shimmer eyeshadows you may not like it on its own but if you apply a matte eyeshadow on top then it will be great.

The wear time of the eyeshadows are great in my opinion. I have swatched them on my arm and they don’t move. I can lay on my arm and none of the color will transfer after I let it set. I have to say I have not worn the shadows without a primer on my eye. I can’t go a day without primer because it’s embedded in my makeup routine. So I can’t say that they wear great without a primer but with a primer they are amazing. I haven’t experienced any creasing. I apply them with my fingers because I find that it applies best that way.

I can’t compare them to MAC paint pots because I only own two and I am not a huge fan of paint pots. The ones I own aren’t special in terms of color. So in this department I am not an expert on which is best but they are significantly cheaper than paint pots so that is plus.

The Maybelline cream gel eyeshadows I wear as a base really to bright up my looks and on it on and it is a really great eyeshadow. I haven’t used them as eyeliner but I’m sure that they will work just a great as an eyeliner since they are cream gel eyeshadows.

I do have one warning about Painted Purple, it is probably the only one that has terrible payoff when applied to the eyelids. You will see in my swatches that it applies great but for some reason on the eyelids, it is sheer and I have to coat my eyelids with twice as much product and I still don’t get the pay off that I want so it is being used solely as a base for my purple eyeshadows. Other than that one tiny complaint, they are perfect!

So on to the pictures!


Audacious Asphalt

Audacious Asphalt

Bad to the Bronze

Bad to the Bronze

Pomegranate Punk

Pomegranate Punk

Edgy Emerald

Edgy Emerald

Painted Purple

Painted Purple

Fierce & Tangy

Fierce & Tangy

With flash

Close up with flash

As for the price of them, I have seen it vary depending on where you go from $6.99 to $8.99. I found most of mine a Target and a few select CVSs. It really depends on the area you live and what your beauty store carries. I would look around if your going to drugstores. I don’t know if these are permanent or just a collection that they put out but if not then I will be buying a backup of Bad to the Bronze as soon as I find it again because I love it so much!

I hope this review helped and please let me know what other products you would like to review in the future and what information you would like me to include for next time so I can refine my product review. 🙂

XO, Tavi

Hi loves!

So its a new week which means new manicure! So this weekend, I went on a shopping spree at Walgreens, CVS and Sally’s Beauty (which I did a blog post on, check it out here). So after my spree I painted my nails with the new colors that I purchased.

I’m wearing:

– L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche nail polish in 280 Pink me up!

– Sally Hansen Gem Crush nail polish in 03 Big Money

– Base coat: Orly Nail Defense

– Top coat: Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Pink me up! & Big Money


Pink me up! & Gems


Pink me up! (left); Big Money (right)




I really like L’Oreal Colour Riche nail polishes. It went on very smooth and since it is a cream finish it gives off a high shine. This might be my favorite color for spring and summer 🙂 I was really surprised at how much I like Sally Hansen’s Gem crush. The glitter is fine but it goes on so smooth. I am wearing just one coat on my  nails. I like that I didn’t have to build it up with a lot of coats to get that much glitter on my nails. I also like how the big pieces of glitter are purple so when it reflects it has a purple shimmer and it goes great with the hot pink.  I will be purchasing more of them soon!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks selection and check back next week for another edition of Nails of the Week.

XO, Tavi



Hi loves!

So I have just returned from running some errands and I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I have picked up. This is not a review of the products but I will give some thoughts on a few that I started playing with already! Most of theses products will be featured in future blog post/reviews.

First store that I went to was Walgreens, I was a bit disappointed in the selection the one near my house had but I did get a few good things. Most of the things here were the nail polishes since they were having a buy one get one 50% off that ends today!

I purchased:

– Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Color Care in 08 Sorbet and 04 Stain

– Sally Hansen Gem Crush in 03 Big Money

– L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche in 410 l’orange, 510 paparazzi pleaser, and 280 pink me up!

– L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Balm in 318 Heavenly Berry, 418 Caring Coral, and 819 Carmel Comfort ( I have swatch these on my hand and they are very sheer. I think the best color was Carmel Comfort. I will be reviewing these once I apply them to my lips).

– Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick by Kat Moss collection in 12 (which is the orange/red shade) and 08 (pink nude)

– Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (I love this stuff!!! )

Next I was off to Sally Beauty Supply because I was out of nail polish remover and I like their pure acetone to remove my nail polish:

I purchased:

– Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

– Beauty Secrets Pure Acetone

And since I purchased Seche Vite I got a free China Glaze nail polish. So I picked 544 Liquid Leather and then since I renewed my Sally Beauty’s card I received one free item from Silk Elements so I picked the Soft Holding Spritz Styling Spray.

Then I decide to go to CVS because I didn’t find everything that I wanted at Walgreens.

I purchased:

– Maybelline  24 hr Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows in 10 Fierce & Tangy and 50 Edgy Emerald ( I will be doing a review on these next!)

– Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara


12 (left) 08 (right)


So let me know if there is anything from this shopping spree that you want to see a specific detail review about. I will be doing Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows and most of the nail polishes will be featured in a nails of the week post.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend 🙂

XO, Tavi