Nails of the Week 01/09/12 :)


So I change my nail polish every week to have a fresh manicure and because I can never wear one color for a long period of time. My mood is always changing and since I can’t express it with a different haircut or style everyday, I put the energy into my nails! So I thought it would be cool if I started doing post every week of what nail color I’m wearing for the week.

This week I am wearing:

Essie 893 School of Hard Rocks as the base (from the Cocktail Bling collection)

Milani Jewel FX 530 -Gems on top

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat

School of Hard Rocks & Gems

Gems (left); School of Hard Rocks (right)

I used about two and half coats of Gems to get a nice coat of glitter on my nails. School of Hard Rocks took only two even coats. I bought Milani Gems at Target and Essie School of Hard Rocks at Rite Aid.

XO, Tavi

  1. HEYY!! So I have been wanting to grow my nails for a long time. I don’t want super long nails, i just want them to be over my fingertips. But my nails always chip or crack right when they are growing fine!! I don’t get it. They grow fine, just when I have them in the right place, they break. I want a way to get long nails and make them stop chipping. Whats very weird is that my toe nails are very thick but my nails nails are thin. In addition, I keep my nails up to date and i go to the nail salon every 2 weeks just so they get shaped. Plz help me on how to get them to grow longer!! PLZ AND THX!!!

    • tavibeautybox said:


      I use Orly Nail Defense as my bottom coat before I apply my nail polish. I also don’t keep my nails very long because at some point they will break. So I file them going in one direction everytime I do a manicure. Hope this helps!

      XO, Tavi

  2. Miss Dre said:

    Your nails look great! I love the glitter!

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