Naked 2 vs. Naked 1


So it has been too long since I’ve done a post! So what better way to start again by giving you my thoughts on the new Naked 2 and comparing it to the Naked 1 palette. For those of you who don’t what I’m taking about, Urban Decay came out with Naked palette about year ago, I believe. It is a palette dedicated to warm neutral colors. It was very very successful. Now they have released the Naked 2 palette, which is more on the cooler side of neutrals. These colors are more grey/taupe colors where as the Naked 1 or original Naked (whichever you prefer) is on the warmer side with rich browns and golds.

Personally, I love them both! I was so excited to get my hands on the Naked 2. A lot of people have being saying that you don’t need both palettes that you can live with just one. Which is true to some extent. I can do my makeup with either palette but it depends on what look I’m going for. I think the Naked 2 since it is on the cooler side give me a softer and more shine finish when I do a smokey eye or any look, while with the Naked 1, my look is very smoldering and intense. So for me I love them both because there are colors that I can’t just get in the Naked 2 in the Naked 1 and vice versa. So it really depends on your makeup personality but I say if you can get them both, get them! I haven’t been disappointed.

I do want to note that I feel like Half Baked, which you see in the pictures below has a different finish and I have to put a base under it with Naked 2 palette for it to really pop. I don’t know if they changed the formula because Half Baked is in all their palettes usually but I have noticed a difference.

The size are equal in length. I do prefer the Naked 1 package over Naked 2

Another view comparing the size.

Naked 2 on the left and Naked 1 on the right

Upclose view of the shadows

Swatches of Naked 2 shadows on the arm with flash

Swataches of the Naked 1 with flash

Swatches: Naked 1 top and Naked 2 bottom with flash

Swatches of both with no flash (Naked 1 top and Naked 2 bottom)

Overall, I do love both palettes but I am using the Naked 2 more because I love the black shadow unlike in the Naked 1 where I didn’t use the black at all really because it have silver sparkle and way to much fall out. The same with the grey shadow at the end.

I hope this helps!

XO, Tavi

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