Review: Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Brightening Facial Towelettes

Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Brightening Facial Towelettes

Product Description:

These ‘Brightening Facial Towelettes’ are formulated with Blueberries and Coconuts to gently cleanse, remove makeup, and moisturize skin all in one. With Lemon Peel and Apple to help brighten skin, these are a great addition to our Age Refresh collection. They leave your skin feeling clean and glowy!

  • 99% Natural
  • Biodegradable & FSC Certified
  • Dermatologically & Opthalmologically Tested
  • Oil-free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic
  • Size: 30 pre-moistened towelettes
  • Price: $7.99

So from reading the product description and seeing how it has all these good ingredients you would think that these would be great! Well they aren’t. These are by far the worst facial cleansing wipes I have ever used. It says that you can just take a towelette out and wipe away all the dirt and make-up from your face and you are left with clean skin that you don’t even need to rinse with water after. That is a complete lie. These wipes are dry. they have no moisture to them. Like most of us, we use a make-up wipe before we cleanse our face with our nightly routines. My first issue with these wipes is that it doesn’t remove all of my make-up It is terrible for removing eye make-up. I have to wipe over my eye at least five times and that still doesn’t remove all the mascara and eyeliner from my eyes. Which by having to wipe my eyes so many times it pulls at the my eyes lids which is unhealthy and can cause wrinkles and fine lines, which is something that these wipes are supposed to help prevent. My second issue with these wipes is that after using them my skin doesn’t feel clean it feels sticky and dirty. So when I go to my next step in my nightly routine to cleanse my face with my face wash, as I am massaging it into my skin I notice that it is turning brown because I still have make-up on my face. My third issue with them is the smell. The lemon smell makes me sick every time I open the package. In my opinion, it is just too strong and overwhelming.

I wish I had better things to say about these wipes but I don’t. I will not be repurchasing them and not sure I want to try other things from this line. I may because I have heard good things about the wipes that come in the green package but after such a terrible experience with these I am hesitant to stray away from my holy grail wipes the Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes in night calming.

Hope you have enjoyed this review and it helps with your own purchasing decisions!


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