Fall Nail Polish Collection

I love fall so much because this is the time of year that I can break out my boots and scarves. This is also the time when I can wear more dark and neutral nail polishes. The trends that I have seen lately is that of dark greens, purples,  and of course reds (more of a wine color reds and pure blood stain reds) are a staple in the wardrobe this fall. For the neutrals it’s all about the gray/browns and flush color rose pinks. Everything is either very soft and romantic or dark and edgy. Which perfect for either the office or going out and have a good time with friends. Most of the nail polishes I have are from Essie which is my love at the moment and L’Oreal which surprisingly makes really good nail polishes. Enjoy!

Essie-Size matters; L'Oreal- Owl's Lust

L'Oreal- Cockatoo's Mystery; Jesse's Girl- Stiletto; Essie- Case Study, Glamour purse, Lady like

Essie (LtoR)- Cocktail bling, School of hard rocks, Babbing for baubles, Power clutch, Carry on; L'Oreal- Owl's Night

Essie- Carry On

Essie- Power Clutch, L'Oreal- Owl's Lust, Essie- Size Matters

L'Oreal Cockatoo's Mystery, Jessie Girls Stiletto, L'Oreal Owl's Night

Essie- Lady like, Case study, Glamour purse

Essie- Cocktail Bling, School of hard rocks, Babbing for baubles

Entire color wheel of my favorite nail polishes

L'Oreal- Cockatoo's Mystery, Jesse's girls Julie G collection- Stiletto, L'Oreal- Owl's Night, Owl's Lust; Essie- Size Matters

Essie (left to right)- Case Study, Glamour purse; L'Oreal- Cockatoo's Mystery; Jesse's Girl Julie G collection- Stiletto

Essie (left to right)- Case Study, Lady Like, Babbling for baubles

Essie (left to right)- Cocktail Bling, School of hard rocks, Babbing for baubles

Excited for all these colors to take into winter. I will also be doing a post on my favorite metallic/glitter nail polishes for the fall/winter season!


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