One Day by David Nicholls

Exciting this is my first book review! I decided to do them because among my passion for beauty products I love reading. I can get lost in a bookstore for hours and even though they are slowly disappearing and everything is turning to electronic versions, there is nothing better than a smell of a book. So I thought I would give my thoughts on the books I read along the way. I will try to do a post for every book I read but sometimes I get so involved in them I might forget!

So One Day by David Nicholls I decided to read after going and watching the movie with a good friend of mine. I thought the movie was beautiful and tragic at the same time (I will try not to do any major spoilers). So I thought that reading the book would give me more of an in-depth view of the characters, which it did but not in the way that I expected.

The movie did a great job of covering the major scenes in the book. As I was reading I could remember the parts of the movie that the book was describing. Emma and Dexter (the main characters) love was something that in my opinion everyone can relate too. It begins with them just graduating from college and on a night of fun and drinking they decided to hook-up. Thinking that it would be just one night turned into an adventure of the most amazing friendship/love. The book takes a look at their relationship on their anniversary on July 15th of every year when they first met.

What I liked most about their relationship was that it was realistic. It reminded me of my own past relationships where I was friends with a guy thinking that there was nothing but friendship there but secretly wishing for more. How you can let time past you as you go thru relationship after relationship, job after job and the one thing that stay consistent was their love for one another. It was a good novel for me to read as I just myself just graduated from college and was uncertain of my future and where I would be. So unlike the movie, I was able to find out their emotions about certain events and how being lost during your twenties is normal. Thank God!

So the one thing that I disliked about the book was how slow it went. I usually go thru a 300+ page book in about a week, no matter how busy my life gets but for some reason I was unable to do that with this book. It wasn’t something that I grabbed for the first thing in the morning and it wasn’t something I had to read before I went to bed. It was a filler book. I read it when I was on lunch break or didn’t find anything on t.v. to watch. It never grabbed at my heart-strings as the movie did. Now I do realize that I did see the movie before I read the book so that could be why but I can’t really say I would have seen the movie if I had read the book first. It is just not a classic in my mind.

Overall, I suggest that if you liked the movie then you can read the book. If not, then you aren’t missing anything special.

One Day Book Cover *image from Barnes and Nobles

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